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An "Administrateur Judiciaire" is a court representative whose mission is to assist companies facing restructuring issues.

As "crisis professionals", we work alongside managers and their legal and financial advisors to design, negotiate and implement-restructuring solutions tailored for each company we assist.

A wide majority of the cases our firm handles are solvent restructurings, treated within the framework of pre-insolvency proceedings on a voluntary, confidential and amicable basis, such as mandat ad hoc and conciliation. As mandataire ad hoc or conciliator, we are altogether the architect, the leader and the arbitrator of these negotiations, with a single goal: to find a solution acceptable by every stakeholder, allowing the company to pursue its operations as a going concern.

We are a leading firm in France for such solvent restructurings.

Our firm has developed a great experience and know-how in restructuring LBOs, assisting listed companies and national or transnational groups. We also assist on a daily basis small and medium sized companies, in all sectors.

Based in Paris, we assist companies throughout France and have been appointed in over 30 jurisdictions since 2007.

Our firm is also a member of the ICP international network, gathering leading professionals in over 35 countries, to offer the companies we assist all the expertise they may need in the main economic centers, worldwide.

We have assembled a team according to the highest standards. We require excellent academic curriculum and fluent English.

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